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Homeopathy and the Periodic Table
Braving the Elements-Bridging the Gap Between Homeopathy and the Elements of the Periodic Table

" Exploring and using only the provings from renowned and reliable sources such as Hahnemann's "Chronic Diseases", and "Materia Medica Pura", from "Herings Guiding Symptoms", "T.F. Allen's Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica," and "Von Bonninghausen's Materia Medica", Dr. Luc has created a fascinating book about the relationship between homeopathy and the periodic table. A chapter on dream interpretation in homeopathy, used to clarify the proven elements in the periodic table, introduces the serious student of homeopathy to yet another way of finding the simillimum. A MUST for every sincere and serious practioner."

Homeopaths Unsolicited Book Reviews

Another great book that will help maintain the "purity" in my studies of our greatest system of medicine.  I love it and connect deeply with each chapter.  Such perpective gives me hope for true homepathy by exposing errors.  In this way it is like othodox theology perhaps-always seeking to maintain the purity and historical accuracy of the truth.
Alan Lekhan (Homeopath)

I was looking at your new books, "The Periodic Table" and "Achieving and Maintaining the Simillimum." My comment? Congratulations!!! You are the first to put in print what should be said about unproven remedies in the Periodic Table. Your other book simply blew me away. I have been a lecturer for many years and what you have put into print has done nothing less in my mind than reignite the Hahnemanian way. Again a well deserved congratulations!
Rod C., Homeopath , Australia .