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Hahnemann Revisited
A Textbook of Classical Homeopathy For the Professional


"This book gives a clear and detailed exposition of some topics only previously explored superficially, if at all. It therefore fills a much-needed gap in the literature. By it's sheer scope and detail, the text recommends itself as one of the best modern textbooks on the subject that is currently available. It is written with great clarity and might be seen to comprise a modern version of Kent's Lectures, Close's Lectures and Vithoulkas' Science of Homeopathy all rolled into one. A claim that is not very far wide of the mark. Indeed, if a student only purchased this book, a materia medica and a good repertory, it is hard to see how they could not soon become an excellent practitioner. Above all, it guides the reader to become an effective and diligent practitioner. It is definitive, authoritative and comprehensive in scope, content and detail. Whichever other general text one compares it with this book comes out very favorable. I therefore recommend it most highly as extremely valuable addition to the literature, for students and established practitioners. Along with established texts by such greats as Kent, Close and Roberts, it seems certain that this book will quickly and easily establish itself as a popular general textbook on homeopathy. It seems destined to become a classic text in the field for many years to come."
-Peter Morell, London England
573 Pages

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