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Acupuncture in Practice


This book is a must for every acupuncturist or TCM practitioner, whether beginning or advanced.

What sets this book apart from other textbooks is its thoroughly clinical approach. It is practice-oriented, teaching step-by-step how to diagnose and treat the patient, therefore making it a must for every acupucturist, whether beginning or advanced. It can also be used by the physician, osteopath or chiropractor who has abudding interest in the topic. Organized in two sections, the book deals first with acupuncture principles and laws, the concept of QI, Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, the different channels and their applications, Chinese diagnostics with pulse and tongue picture, the theory of Tsang-Fu, the Eight Conditions, the most opportune moment to treat, Tchong Mo, Moxibustion and a dialectic of the acupuncture points. Part two discusses frequently encountered clinical conditions with their acupuncture interpretation and treatment plan. It contains chapters about rheumatoid diseases, diseases of the blood, psychological diseases, pregnancy and delivery, impotence and sterility, menopause, tinnitus and deafness, endometriosis, perspiration, modern diseases like chronic fatigue (CFIDS) and the Gulf War Syndrome, and how to treat and approach complicated patient cases. Also discussed are the clinically important Sky-Window ad Barrier points. Numerous drawings and clinical examples serve to clarify each subject under discussion. 202 Pages