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Veratrum album (white hellebore)
Veratrum album was one of the three great remedies Hahnemann successfully used two hundred years ago to eradicate cholera epidemics (the others were Camphor and Cuprum). And of course it can still cure cholera even today.      

For the layperson, Veratrum is a great remedy for summer diahrreas with vomiting, extreme fatigue, and cold sweat, especially on the forehead: the hands can also be icy cold. The person is very thirsty and desires cold drinks, often with ice cubes. He also desires salty foods and sour foods (like pickles and lemons). This type of diahrrea can lead to dehydration and collapse if left untreated.

Veratrum is useful in general for hypovolemic shock (shock resulting from loss of fluids, whether vomiting, diahrrea, etc.) You might confuse some of the symptoms of Veratrum with Arsenicum, but the person who needs Arsenicum is restless and anxious, while the person needing Veratrum is quiet.