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Sulphur is one of our top remedies for rashes, eczemas and other skin conditions. For example, Sulphur is a must for a baby born with eczema after its mother took prescription medications during pregnancy. Sulphur will clear up the rash and relieve the unbearable itching and burning.

Sulphur is a much safer way to treat skin conditions than cortisone creams, zinc ointments, or other topical treatments which only drive the condition deeper inside the body. Many times we homeopaths see children suffering from asthma or convulsions as a direct result of skin conditions suppressed with cortisone. Western medicine still does not recognize such devastating long-term effects, a heavy price to pay for temporary relief of surface symptoms.

Other uses for Sulphur include hot flashes in menopause; recurrent styes (although Staph. is th #1 remedy); and reducing cravings for alcohol and detoxifying the liver in alcoholics, along with Nux vomica. It can also be used with Nux vomica to shrink hemorrhoids, thereby avoiding surgery.

Symptoms associated with Sulphur are always worse during the night, in the warmth of the bed, and while taking a hot shower or bath. The itching and burning becomes so intolerable that the person scratches until he bleeds.