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Silicea may be in order a vaccination, especially DPT (recommended to use a homeopath to differentiate what remedies are needed after a vaccination). It has a remarkable power to push splinters to the surface and has been called the "homeopathic surgical knife." Silicea is also used for boils to help them ripen or come to a head (what we call stimulating suppuration), and also in styes and abscesses. It will help close fistulas (although this should be under the care of your physician).

Silcea is a great remedy for many different nail conditions, such as white spots, ingrown toenails, and brittle nails. It also helps relieve foot sweat (and by the way, never use a commercial preparation to suppress sweat on the feet or anywhere else on the body, because blocking the body's natural outlet for any discharge can cause much worse health problems later on).