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Sepia (ink of the cuttlefish or giant squid)
What a great remedy to restore physical and emotional powers to a woman who is worn out from too many pregnancies, abortions or miscarriages, too much and too early responsibility (like 12-year-old girl taking over the role of her absent mother), or simply too much work at home: children, husband, and career which she has seemingly juggled with great endurance until she finally has had it. She is overwhelmed by work responsibilities.      

Then there is only one way out: escaping to a silent place, by herself, with great indifference to anyone as she feels she cannot entertain enyone. Away from the daily chores! Away from the everdemanding daily routine of feeding her kids, bringing them to soccer practice-and then there is the "big boy" asking for sex to which she has great aversion. The woman in a Sepia state cannot bear it. She wants to run away, as far as possible. When ever you recognize the above situation, whenever you are "dead" emotionally and physically, you should run-to your homeopathic physician, who will help you before you resort to smacking your children.      

As for our acute uses, Sepia relieves morning sickness. It is definitely the #1 remedy for pregnancy vomiting and for prolapse of the organs (bladder, uterus). The #1 remedy for leucorrhea (vaginal discharge, "the whites") in little girls, Sepia also relieves itching of the vagina with great dryness commponly seen in menopause. Sepia is a great remedy for menopause in general, especially when hot flushes and hair loss are present.      

As you can see, most of the uses for Sepia are chronic in nature and require assistance from your homeopathic physician, but I could not omit this important remedy. Any working woman has been in this situation at some point.