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Ruta graveolens (rue, bitterwort)
Ruta combines characteristics of Arnica and Rhus tox. It is mainly indicated when there is a deeper trauma to the soft tissues so that the periosteum (the membrane surrounding the bone) has been affected. A classic example of this is its great effectiveness for tennis elbow (like Bellis perenis), where the trauma is close to the bone. There will be a feeling of stiffness as in conditions relieved by Rhus tos., and a bruised feeling as in Arnica conditions. Moving around makes the pains worse.

Ruta has a great action on the knee and is therefore indicated in any trauma to the knee. It is the #1 remedy for injuries to the Achilles tendon. When one has read too much or sat in front of the computer too much, a few pellets of Ruta relieve the eye strain.