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A great characteristic of Pulsatilla-corresponding to its mental indecisiveness and emotional moodiness; is that the symptoms are never the same: they swing from one extreme to another, or there is constant changeability. The mucus expectoration may be first green, then yellow, then white, constantly changing. The symptoms are always worse in a warm room and around 5 p.m. or after sunset; they are better in cool fresh air and when the person is moving slowly. The person who needs Pulsatilla has no thirst even when they have a fever, the exact opposite of what you would expect.

Pulsatilla is often used for sinusitis with stuffiness hindering nose-breathing and with the production of yellow, white mucus. It's also used for itching of the eyes at night in allergies. It is definitely the most widely used remedy for various childhood diseases: measles, mumps, German measles and chickenpox. It can be used preventitively as well as curatively.

Pulsatilla is also good for frostbite, and for diarrhea or headaches from eating ice cream or fruit. It is one of the main remedies (along with Sepis and Ipecac) for morning sickness and vomiting during pregnancy. And it is definitely the #1 remedy for the late onset of menses in any young girl displaying the well-known Pulsatilla emotional state (easy weeping, neediness for consolation, shyness, moddiness and changeable behavior).