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Phytolacca decandra (pokeweed)
Phytolacca is a great remedy for glandular and cystic conditions . It is especially helpful in common cystic breast conditions as it has a great action on the mammary glands. It will help with very painful breast abscess and mastitis during breast feeding . If the breasts are painful and swollen before the menstrual cycle, Phytolacca will give quick relief.      

Phytolacca also relieves right-sided sore throats with a dark-red appearance and swollen glands , pains radiating to the ear, worse from drinking warm drinks. When Phytolacca is needed, there is a sensation of stiffness and bruising all over the body (like Rhus tox. and Arnica). It is an excellent remedy for sciatica in which there is stiffness and pain which forces the person to move, but then the person does not feel better from the movement (as they would if they needed Rhus tox.).