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Phosphorus has numerous uses, including bleeding disorders (bright red blood, without a tendency to clot) nose bleeds, and bleeding after surgery or a tooth extraction, overly heavy menstural cycles, post-partum bleeding, etc. In these situations it stops the bleeding rapidly. It should be taken before any surgical intervention, as close to surgery time as possible, and again afterwards if bleeding is a problem.

Phosphorus is used for many lung conditions (such as viral pnuemonia) with a hard, racking, burning cough, worse from lying on the left side. it is also used for sore throats where the person can not talk because of pain in the larynx.

If only people who have been struck by lightening knew about Phosphorus. This phenomenon is not as rare as one would suspect; support groups are everywhere for these unfortunate people who complain of fatigue and headaches after being struck by a bolt of lightening. Phosphorus would be the perfect remedy for this and for severe electric shocks.

Phosphorus is also used for many hypoglocemic conditions. And Calc. phos. 6X (a is the greatest remedy for preventing and treating osteoporosis. People who are constitutionally a Phosphorus type are especially susceptible to this condition.