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Phosphoricum acidum (phosphoric acid)
Phos. acid. is a great remedy for grief, especially in cases of homesickness (like Capsicum). The person feels extreme weakness and indifference, even to things he normally enjoys. He lies down with his face to the wall, unplugs the phone and does not want to communicate with anyone. The grief literally drains him and often evolves to depression. There is a loss of memory and spaciness , with drowsiness by day, insomnia by night. Phos. acid. is the most prominent remedy for unrefreshed sleep.      

People who need Phos. acid. typically refuse to eat, except they crave sour things and fruits which cause a painless diahrrea which does not fatigue the person. They crave sodas and carbonated drinks. (Not coincidentally, phosphoric acid is used to make the bubbles in cola drinks and other sodas).