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Ledum acts like a combination of Arnica an Hypericum. So often it will completely relieve traumas after the initial use of Arnica. I think about it especially for black eyes (the #1 remedy), and for bruises when they have turned violet-blue-black. It has an equally great effect on puncture wounds (which do not bleed long) caused by a sharp instrument. The pains relieved by Ledum are improved by cold compresses and cold water in general.

Ledum is great for all kinds of insect bites, and I have often gotten great relief from this remedy during my travels when I was visited at night by uninvited mosquitoes. Think also about your beloved dogs and help then with flea bites: give them Ledum, just as you would take it yourself, repeating it as needed.

It is unfortunate that hospitals have not discovered the magic of this remedy for bedsores. Nurses, often overwhelmed by work, don't always have the time to turn the bedridden patients on a regular basis, and often we see painful, awful-looking bedsores on these poor victims.

Other uses of Ledum include acute gout attacks in the big toe, and hangovers after whiskey and other hard liqour, and sometimes after vaccinations (but a homeopath should be involved with this decision making).