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Kali bichronicum (potassium bichromate)
Kali bich. is a remedy my patients get to know fast and very well: they see the miracles it works in cases of congestion in the sinuses and the face in general, with postnasal drip playing havoc with its victim. It can cut through the thick, sticky yellow-green mucus ("when it sticks, use Kali Bich!") so often observed nowadays in our children who are great "mucus producers." They often gag on their mucus, especially at night where the viscous mucus gets stuck in the throat, making breathing increasingly difficult. The discharge during the day flows and then it stops, repeated in cycles.      

My patients often have found that they need to use Kali bich. by the tablespoonful rather than the teaspoonful to loosen this particularly stubborn, sticky type of mucus.      

Kali bich. can also be used for pain sharply localized on small spots (the person can put a finger on the painful spot). The pains start and stop suddenly , and they are worse from exposure to cold and from drinking beer, which stuffs up the nose immediately. Coughing (often around 2 or 3 a.m.) is followed by the difficult expectoration of that stringy mucus.      

While the layperson mainly uses Kali bich. for colds, flus and sinusitis, there are many other acute indications, including thick green vaginal discharge and headaches above the eyeballs, even migraines preceded by visual disturbances.