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Ipecac (Ipecacuanha) (a Braziain shrub)
Ipecac syrup is very well known in Western medicine to induce vomiting. Thus, following the principle of "like cures like," it is used in homeopathy to r elieve vomiting with strong nausea (just the though of food gags the person). This could be the case during pregnancy (morning sickness), after overmedication or strong medications, to help AIDS patients with these complaints, for the typical summer flus which can lead to dehydration, or simply in indigestion.      

A typical symptom for Ipecac is that vomiting does not relieve the nausea and that the person has a clean tongue (the opposite of what we would expect when the person has such severe gastrointestinal symptoms). The person is not thirsty.

Ipecac is indicated in acute asthma and migraine attacks, accompanied with nausea or menstrual cramps , as it is a major anti-spasmodic remedy. It is a great remedy for coughs, especially with gagging at the end (not suprisingly, considering its connection with vomiting).