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Ignatia amara (st. Ignatuis' bean)
Even if homeopathy had only produced this remedy, it would be worth it! There are probably very few people on earth who will never need this remedy. Indeed it is indicated in acute grief events and amotional shocks, mainly related to relationships. Any broken heart situation should be remedied by Ignatia: the person has the "3 S" symptoms: sitting, sighing, and sobbing. She laments, "Why me, God, why is it happening to me?      

But don't try to console her, or she will turn on you in a rage. Then this crying can turn into hysterical, uncontrollable laughing. People who need Ignatia have very changeable moods! We can call it the "homeopathic Valium" as it is also used in any event where you get upset: bad news, disappoinment (especially in relationships with friends, family, lovers, children, etc.), apprehension and jealousy.      

Typical symptoms include a sensation "as if there is a lump in the throat" preventing the person from swallowing, yet they can swallow. The person may go to bed and be unable to fall asleep as she keeps on thinking about what has happened to her: it is called the rehearsal remedy as the person tries in vain to flee those painful memories. They dream all night about the same subject, dreams full of dissapointment and unfullfilled expectations. Symptoms also tend to be worse premenstrually and around 11 a.m.