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Hepar sulphuris (a type of calcium sulphide)
Hepar sulph., made from a chemical compound invented by Hahnemann, is totally unknown in Western science. It is mostly used in homeopathy to stimulate the suppuration (pus formation) or ripening of an abcess or boil. It is indicated in any condition where there is inflammation with a tendency to suppuration. The person is apt to be very sensitive to pain and the slightest draft of air. There can be a sensation "as if there is a splinter" in the tissues (throat, anus, etc.) There is a great desire for vinegar and sour things.      

Hepar sulph. is greatly indicated in left-sided sore throats which are relieved by drinking hot drinks. It is also effective for the typical candida yeast discharge (cottage cheese-like discharge); all discharges have a spoiled cheese smell. A final use is to remove an infected splinter which is too deeply lodged for tweezers; after a couple of doses of Hepar sulph. to ripen the infection, give Silica to expel the splinter. (if the splinter is not infected, you can just give Silica to push it out.)