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Cocculus Indicus
Western medicine is still looking for a drug which helps people overcome jet lag when they travel abroad. Look no furthur! Cocculus fits the bill perfectly. I have done it numerous times myself, and my patients-especially flight attendants-have praised the remedy in these circumstances. It is the #1 remedy for jetlag; other remedies include Arnica, Gelsemium, and Rescue Remedy (a blend of Bach flower remedies).

Other sensations which call for Cocculus include dizziness with exhaustion, which is often seen in nightwatching: people taking care of sick or dying relatives for months, alsways sleeping with one ear open, or loss of sleep after having a baby who cries frequently for the first three months. The person is exhausted, dizzy and emotionally wrecked. I know of no better remedy than Cocculus for this purpose. It is also the #1 remedy for motion sickness, especially in the car and airplane (and unlike over-the-counter drugs, it doesn't cause drowsiness!