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China officinalis (cinchona, Peruvian bark)
This remedy will stay immortal forever, as it was the first remedy proved by Hahnemann. China was to Hahnemann what the falling apple was to Newton. Its active ingredient, quinine, was and still is abused by the medical profession (in the sense that a substance in homeopathic high dilutions will cure condition which in large drug doses it will cause or intnsify; by this standard, quinine in large doses is likely to increase the susceptibility to , or intensify the symptoms of malaria).     

It is sad to think how many people die unnecessarily from malaria. I think about the explorations of Henry Morton Stanley, the Belgian colonist King Leopold. In spite of huge doses of quinine - or because of it -his porters died by the thousands from malaria. This was nearly a century after Hahnemann proved the effectiveness against malaria of homeopathic dilution of China. And now we face medication-resistant malaria cases. I predict that China in homeopathic doses will have a great comeback in treating malaria.      

China is also an excellent liver-gallbladder remedy. Its characteristic symptoms include the periodicity (regular recurrence) of symptoms (every other day, every 7th or 14th day); great bloating all over the abdomen, with pain not relieved by passing gas; and painless diahrrhea (especially after eating fruit, but also in food poisoning after eating bad meat). The diahrrhea comes gushing out, watery, yellow or colorless accompanied by belching, passing gas and a bitter taste in the mouth. The abdomen is very sore upon the slightest pressure.      

One of the best uses of China is to relieve the pain of a typical gallbladder attack due to eating too many rich and fatty foods late at night.      

China is also indicated in any situation where there is a great loss of bodily fluids : diahrrhea, blood loss after operation or miscarriage/abortion, after continuous vomiting, sweating too much as in a sauna, etc. China will restore the bodily weakness in a remarkable way.