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Chamomilla is a very effective homeopathic remedy for children, but it is much abused in herbal preparations. Who does not know of chamomile for teething babies? However, it should be taken in homeopathic doses, as herbal preparations will lead to a proving of the remedy - in other words, a worsening of the symptoms. Drinking too much chamomile tea while breastfeeding, or giving too much chamomile to an infant who is crying during teething, can actually create the difficult personality type of the Chamomilla child.

Everyone has met a child of this type: irritable, quickly angered, fretful, and moody. They want something, you offer it to them, they throw it back to you. They want to be carried all the time which seems to be the only way to stop the whining and crying, except for the car ride around the block, which also calms the child. During the teething, the child gets greenish diahrrhea "looking like chopped spinach." Symptoms are worse between 9p.m. and midnight.

The painkilling qualities of Chamomilla are also of great benefit in labor pains (in which the woman typically throws the doctor out of the room, cursing him for the pain, yet then calls him back). It also provides effective relief for the other unbearable pains such as in dysmenorrhea (painful menses), earache and colic.

Little known but of great benefit is Chamomilla's effect on coffee withdrawal. Looking at the symptoms Chamomilla relieves, you can see that it nicely covers the side effects of caffeine withdrawal (even the headaches). Use your Cham. as needed throughout the day; usually after one week the symptoms disappear and you can stop the Cham. (this is a much better solution than one I read about in the newspapers: some doctors now try to protect their patients from caffeine withdrawal after surgery by injecting some coffee into their I.V. lines!)