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Causticum (potassium hydrate)
Causticum is mainly used in conditions affecting the central nervous system: the central idea is paralysis. This can also mean paralysis of the emotions, as can happen to some unfortunate people who have been subjected to several traumas in a short timespan (loss of friends, childre, family in which they act like they can't move, it was just one trauma too much!) In addition to paralysis of the nervous system, Causticum is also used for burning, drawing pains with a feeling that "the tendons are too short."     

C austicum can relieve a stiff neck (right-sided) and acute carpal tunnel syndrome. It is predominately a right-sided remedy. It is a great remedy for Bell's palsy and for incontinence of urine in which people lose urine when they are running, coughing, laughing or sneezing. In these chronic cases however, you should consult a homeopath.      

Clues for using Causticum include symptoms made worse by dry, cold north winds (the person needs a scarf or hat); syptoms worse at 3a.m.; and symptoms better in a hot, humid climate. (Most people with rheumatism or arthritis feel worse in dampness; people with arthritis or rheumatism who feel better in dampness almost always need Causticum.)      

The person who needs Causticum chronically usually has a great sense of justice and great sympathy for others ( a child can get tics from seeing another child in a wheelchair, for instance!) These people are very sensitive to the wrongs in the world.