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Carbo vegetalis (charcoal)
The main idea of Carbo veg. is lack of oxygen. You can see the person sitting on a chair, gasping for air , fanning himself or wanting a fan to be directed at him (he desires air!); he feels cold and may be belching and passing gas . Not a pretty sight! The person may look as though he is going to die anytime.      

Carbo veg. can be a life-saver in asthma attacks or any other conditions with shortness of breath ( let you homeopathic physician decide this). More practical for the layperson is its use in digestive disturbances in which there is severe bloating above the navel (Lycopodium is for bloating under the navel, China for the whole abomen bloating). Belching and passing gas accompany the bloating.

Carbo veg. is lesser known but of great value for altitude sickness. Many people complain of headaches, shortness of breath, palpitations, etc. when they visit high altitude locations like Colorado or New Mexico. Apparently the Colorado Chamber of Commerce is concerned about this issue, as tourism is a great source of income for the state. Carbo veg. is their solution. It goes without saying that Carbo veg., along with Agaricus, should be in every mountaineer's emergency kit!      

Carbo veg. will also help stop postpartum bleeding following abortions .