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Calendula officinalis (garden marigold)
Calendula should be available in every household since it is known for its great healing qualities in cuts and abrasions . It should be routinely used after every operation or dental work (whenever the skin is cut or broken), as it acts both as antispetic (to prevent infection) and as a healing agent . It promotes healing so fast that a dentist friend of mine claims he can see the granulation (wound healing process) take place before his very eyes during dental surgery. Indeed, Calendula will control bleeding from open wounds . Just remember, use only Calendula on open wounds , never Arnica!

Calendula is also used for second and third degree burns , and --like Phosphorus and Millefolia--for bleeding situations such as bleeding gums, ruptured eardrums, and nosebleeds. It is available in cream form like Arnica, but the action of these remedies is speedier and deeper when the pellets are dissolved in water and taken orally.