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Bryonia (wild hops)
There is probably no remedy better known for headaches than Bryonia. It is called for in headaches or other acute pain syndromes (like from injury) which are worse from the slightest movement. Typically the person has the flu with a severe headache and they want to be left alone, in the dark with no noise--to the point they don't want to speak for fear of making their headache worse. Even opening their eyes would aggravate their headache!      

Bryonia is typically used for the headache which starts above the left eye, goes to the back of the head and then engulfs the whole head. It is an acute, piercing pain, worse at 9 p.m. The onset is gradual (unlike the sudden onset of Belladonna), and the headache feels better from local applications of heat. There is improvement of the pain with strong pressure or lying on the painful side as it prevents the motion of that part. The person is very thirsty (feels as though he "could drink the sea dry!") and he has a very dry mouth ; in fact all the mucous membranes are dry.      

Bryonia is useful for all fever conditions in which we see the above symptoms (especially ones in which the person does not want to move!) It works well for colds beginning in the nose and going down to the chest. From there it is a great remedy for avoiding and treating pneumonia and pleurisy. It is also good for acute rheumatic conditions with shooting pains , again with the typical aggravation from the slightest movement.      

Bryonia is also called for in cases of constipation in which the person has no desire for stool; when the stools finally come, the are dry hard and painful to expel. It is also a great pain remedy for whiplash and broken bones (as are Arnica, which reduces swelling and reabsorbs blood under the skin, and Symphytum, which helps to repair the broken bones).