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Belladonna (deadly nightshade)
One derivative of this plant is atropine, used in Western medicine. This "poison" is well-known for its use in acute febrile conditions: sudden onset of symptoms ("as if a storm was aroused in the person") and intense redness and heat of the face ("as if all the blood of the body was pooled in the face") with cold extremities. The eyes are wide open with dilated pupils; the person can have a wild animal-like look and a sensation of throbbing, pulsating pains. The symptoms end as suddenly as they began; they are typically worst around 3 p.m. , and are worse from noise, jarring, light (extreme sensitivity to bright light!), high temperatures (103-104 F0 with possible delirium and hallucinations, dry mouth but not great thirst!      

Belladonna is a right-sided remedy (i.e. symptoms such as sore throat or headache tend to occur on the right side).      

Belladonna is indicated in all conditions showing the above symptoms: sore throats, flus, early stages of abscesses and ear infections. It can prevent convulsions with high fever in children . In the past it was uses for rabies.