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Baptisia tinctoria (wild indigo)
Baptisia was the flu remedy of the infamous Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, in which at least 200,000 Americans died. However, according to records preserved in English hospitals, the death rate in homeopathic hospitals was less than 5%, while the death rate in conventional hospitals with Western medicine was 45% (a triumph for homeopathy which Western medicine should take notice of)!      

Baptisia is a typical flu remedy, but not usually one of the top ones. The symptoms are extreme tiredness, mental confusion, high fever with extreme bad odor of all discharges and secretions (stool, urine, perspiration, breath, etc.) At the height of the illness, the person suffers from delusions in which he thinks that his leg is lying next to him in bed (extremities separated from the body). The person is in a stupor state, "as if he is drunk."