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Arsenicum Album

Yes, the greatest poisons make the best remedies, as long as they are administered in a homeopathic dose. Arsenicum is one of the most widely used homeopathic remedies. You should "never leave home without it" as it is the best indicated remedy for food poisoning. The diarrhea and vomiting are quickly relieved and no further consequences are expected. Always travel with Arsenicum album!

People who need Arsenicum are often very restless individuals, anxious and often labeled "hypochondriacs" as they always seem to be searching for a disease. An Arsenicum state is one of great restlessness, with extreme fatigue and severe anxiety. Therefore it is often used acutely in a severe asthma attack, especially for an attack between 1-3 a.m., in which the person has to get out of bed to relieve his shortness of breath and severe wheezing. These people typically require an extra pillow for sleeping to make breathing easier and are thirsty for small sips of cold water. There is often a periodicity (regular recurrence) to these asthma attacks: every two days, every three days, every seven days, etc.

Besides its uses for food poisoning and asthma, Arsenicum is the first remedy to think of for any beginning cold with a clear, runny nose (with or without relentless sneezing or a right-sided sore throat). It is a great flu remedy (a universal one) which can also be used for flu prevention.

No remedy brings more relief to the dying patient than Arsenicum: it calms the struggling patient without doping him. He stays alert yet anxious, which is a relief for the family and patient alike. The picture of a dying patient wanting to hang onto life is not a pretty one, and can cause additional anguish to the family in their time of grief.