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Arnica montana (leopard's bane, a mountian daisy)
Arnica is called the sports remedy for its great indications in sports traumas when there is a typical sore, bruised feeling with the impression "that a truck drove over me." Pains are worse by the slightest touch (so that the person is afraid of being touched) and better from cold applications.      

Arnica is indicated in any blunt trauma where the skin is not opened. (Use Calendula when the skin is broken as it will speed healing faster, and Arnica may actually be harmful in this situation.) Arnica is especially useful to absorb blood under the skin (hematomas). It is also good for the trauma after childbirth, post-operatively, for overlifting (moving furniture, working in the yard), overexertion of muscles (especially when you haven't used them for a while), falls, accidents where the person can be in shock, and even overuse of the voice (strained voice). It should be given to any acute stroke victim as it absorbs internal bleeding very quickly, therefore limiting the damage of bleeding (when bleeding is the cause of the stroke). It is also an excellent flu remedy when the typical sore, bruised feeling is present.