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An Advanced Clinical Guide to the Professional Homeopathic Practice.

PART ONE: Advanced Case Taking
Ch 1: Learning Objectives: the Art of case taking—Eleven Questions to solve any challenge
Ch 2: Examining the seat of leakage and recognition of an acute exacerbation of a chronic miasmatic state
Ch 3: Common and uncommon symptoms and pathology
Ch 4: The question of layers
Ch 5: The etiology or Ailments from
Ch 6: The Core Delusion
Ch 7: An example of Remedy Blueprint and its CD: the Story of Lachesis
Ch 8: The Patient's Constitution
Ch 9: Attitude Types according to C. Jung
Ch 10: The Four Functions of Conscious according to Jung
Ch 11: The Eight Psychological Types
Ch 12: The Active Miasmatic State
Ch 13: Intra-uterine questions for Challenged Children
PART TWO: Advanced Management
Ch 14: The Final Potency Selection
Ch 15: Miasms Revisted for the Practice
Ch 16: Additions and Corrections to Hering's Set of Observations to the Cure"